Man Feeds Elephant Explosive Pineapple; Elephant Dies After Days In Pain

- Police have arrested one accused, who has admitted the crime
- He did it so that the animals would stay away from his plantation

Pregnant Elephant Dies After Eating Explosive Fruit-Trap
Pregnant Elephant Dies After Eating Cracker-Filled Fruit. Picture: YouTube

A pregnant elephant died after it ate a cracker-filled fruit in Kerala, India. 

The elephant had reportedly strayed into a village in Palakkad last week and ate a pineapple filled with firecrackers, which exploded in its mouth. The elephant then walked for days in pain before going into a river, where it died standing on 27 May, according to the article.

P. Wilson was arrested on Friday after he allegedly placed fruits filled with explosives to keep wild creatures away from his rubber plantation. Two of his associates were still at large, according to the officers.

“The man has admitted that they used the explosive-filled coconuts to target the wild animals,” Surendra Kumar, Kerala’s chief wildlife warden, told AFP.

Forest officials said the explosion caused severe damage to its mouth, leaving the creature unable to eat or drink for days, says the same article.