COVID Dog Feast In China: Different Year, Same Dog Meat Festival

-Dog meat is traditionally consumed during the summer months
-Dogs are paraded in wooden crates and metal cages before being taken to slaughter

Despite Pressure To End Wildlife-Trade, Chinese Dog Meat Feast Going Strong
Dogs in China are paraded in wooden crates and metal cages and then slaughtered and cooked in the Yulin Festival. Photo: YouTube

In the Chinese city of Yulin, dog meat lovers are returning in full-force for a season of feasting, according to this article.

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“The scale of the dog meat trade in Yulin is pretty much the same compared to previous years,” said animal welfare advocate Yu Dezhi, according to the same article published in Inkstone.

Animal welfare activists say that the dog meat sold in the trade mostly comes from stolen dogs or strays, according to Today Online. They are sometimes darted with poison to tranquilize them before they’re caged. Activists urge China to end the practice with an animal cruelty act.

However, the local government has never admitted to holding a dog meat festival. The government says that only a few restaurants and members of the public take part, still say the same article. 

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