Desperate Syrian Refugees Are Selling Their Organs To Afford Survival

- The refugees use the money to pay the rent
- Many of them enter Turkey illegally

This man sold a kidney. - Photo Facebook/CBS
This man sold a kidney. - Photo Facebook/CBS

Desperate Syrian refugees sell their organs on the black market near the border with Turkey.

This is the conclusion of an exposé by CBS News Foreign Correspondents. It was published in 2019 and recently won an award.

According to the documentary, refugees do so in order to pay rent and support their families. 

The documentary gives an example of a Facebook post offering desperate Syrian refugees money for their kidneys and livers. The journalists then use hidden cameras to investigate further. 

“So you used the money to pay your rent?” Holly Williams, from CBS, asked this question to Umm Mohammed, a refugee single mother of three who sold a kidney for $4000.

“I made enough to pay the year’s rent I owed,” she said, “and another year in advance”, according to CBS.

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