Bisexual Woman Allegedly Committed Suicide After Being Forced To Attend Conversion Therapy

- Even in death, she is currently being harrassed on her Facebook page
- Torture is frequent in conversion therapy camps

A man holding a sign
Homosexuality is still not accepted in most of the world. - Photo by See-ming Lee under CC BY-SA 2.0

In India, a 21 year old student who’d recently come out as bisexual to her family has allegedly commited suicide this week. She was reportedly forced to attend conversion therapy and decided to end her days instead of going to the camp.

“The student had earlier revealed in a Facebook video that she had been forcibly taken to two ‘de-addiction’ centres by her family, and had been physically attacked when she tried to explain to them that there was nothing wrong with her”, according to the article by Firstpost.com.

Even in death, she is currently harrassed by anti-homosexuality activists on her Facebook page.

She was found dead near her resort in Goa. She was from Kerala, a state run by the communist party.

People who run conversion therapy camps believe that homosexuality can be “cured” using “education”. These camps often include sessions of psychological torture. Some cases of physical abuse have also been reported.

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