An Incel Killed An Erotic Massage Lady With A Machete, Police Says

- Incels are considered terrorists in Canada
- The owner of the parlor fought off the attacker but lost a finger in the process

Ashley Noell Arzaga was killed. - Photo taken from GoFundMe
Ashley Noell Arzaga was killed. - Photo taken from GoFundMe

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with terrorism, first degree murder and attempted murder in Toronto, Canada, on May 19th. The police claim that he’s an active member of the incel group and that they’re considered a terrorist organization in Canada.

Incels (meaning “involuntary celibate”) are members of an online community which claims that women refuse to have sex with them and, for that reason, they should be raped and or killed. They oppose any form of gender equality. They beleive that their general features (ugliness, race, height, low IQ) are the main reasons why women tend to stay away from them and that women will only have sex with “Chad” (their general term to designate successful, good-looking men). They also beleive that “Becky” (their term for average-looking women) is worthless and that only “Stacy” (their term for great-looking women) deserves their attention.

According to Canadian police, the 17-year-old entered the rub-and-tug called Crown Spa around noon on February 24 2020. He went to the back with 24-year-old Ashley Noell Arzaga, and killed her using a machete. The owner of the the parlor, who was in the foyer, fought the 17-year-old. She got a finger chopped off and was stabbed in the arm before she managed to wrestle the machete out of his hand and attack him with it. “Police said callers notified 911 dispatchers that a 17-year-old boy and a woman were lying outside the spa, covered in blood.”

Ashley Noell Arzaga was a mother of one.

Canadian police claims that incels are an “ideologically motivated violent extremist” movement, which they consider to be terrorism.

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