Sex Workers Are Now Homeless As Coronavirus Shuts Brothels In Germany

-Thousands of foreign prostitutes are stranded in Germany
-They are not eligible for financial aid from the government

Sex Workers Turned Homeless As Coronavirus Shuts Brothels In Germany
Prostitutes got stranded in Germany after strict coronavirus restriction imposed by Government - Photo: YouTube

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, brothels snapped shut affecting thousands of sex workers in Germany.

Authorities have shut brothels along with other non-essential businesses like restaurants and nightclubs to prevent the spread of the virus, according to the news article.

“The coronavirus has been a disaster for me,” said a Polish prostitute. “I have had no income since mid-March and no place to sleep,” she added.

Susanne Bleier Wilp of the Association for Erotic and Sexual Services Providers says, “It’s a catastrophe, the pandemic exacerbates issues like poverty, a lack of health protection and homelessness.” 

In Germany, the coronavirus has infected almost 80,000 and killed more than 1,000, according to this article by Reuters.

“Demand for paid sex is still there despite the risk of catching the virus, and some women are taking this risk.”

– Heike Koettner, of the Madonna educational charity for prostitutes in Bochum