Racism Against Africans In China Reaches New Shocking Heights

- Africans report being mistreated in China
- A shocking event in a McDonald's symptom of much larger issues, according to advocates

This letter was posted at a McDonald's. Photo: Twitter
This letter was posted at a McDonald's. Photo: Twitter

Certain images and videos relayed by mainstream media show Chinese police detaining Africans living in China because they claim that Black people spread COVID-19.

One instance occurred at McDonald’s. A video showed a McDonald’s employee holding a signboard. It states that Black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant, according to CBS News.

Later, the franchise apologized for this act, according to reports.

Other articles claim that African residents are forcibly evicted from their apartments. Hotels and restaurants have barred them. Others reported forced self-quarantine regardless of any symptoms or travel history, according to the world politics review news

Chinese officials deny reports of racial discrimination. They put the onus on “Western media”, according to this article.