Are You Wearing Clothes Made By Chinese Slaves?

-Hundreds of global companies buy cotton and make goods in Xinjiang, China
- They are made by modern slaves, says the report

Forced Labor In China amid a post-virus slowdown
Forced labour in China, Photo: YouTube

In China, the minority Muslim group Uyghur are being used as forced labour, a new report says, as published by the BBC.

This means that we might all wear clothes made by modern slaves, says the report.

Thousands of Muslims from the Uyghur minority group are working under coercive conditions. They work at factories that supply some of the world’s biggest brands, according to the BBC.

The report by the Fair Labour Association, quoting “credible reports of forced labor and other violations of fundamental human rights in the Xinjiang region”, calls on affiliates including Esquel to end production there. These companies deny using indentured Xinjiang labor, according to this article published in the SCMP.

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