Woman Calls Local Media To Complain About A Cold Heated Pool At Her Vacation House

Woman Calls Local Media To Complain About A Cold Heated Pool At Her Vacation House
Woman Calls Local Media To Complain About A Cold Heated Pool At Her Vacation House

As reported by The Express, a British mother from Romford has complained about the heated swimming pool at her rented villa in Lanzarote. Gulnara Adomene had saved for months to take her friend and their children on a seven-day holiday between April 11 and 18. She booked the Casa Dak beachfront villa at Playa Blanca in Lanzarote for the six of them on Booking.com. The villa came with a heated pool, which the owner assured would have a water temperature of between 30-32 degrees during the day.

False Advertising

Gulnara said that she had been looking for two months for accommodation and decided to book a villa so they could get a good heated pool. She found Casa Dak on Booking.com, looked at the photos and price, and sent a few questions to the villa owner asking what temperature the pool is. The owner replied saying ’30-32′ degrees, and she trusted him and chose his villa. However, when they arrived at their destination, they found the water temperature to be a bit below what had been promised. She alleges it was six degrees colder than advertised by the owner.

Unhappy Children

On the first morning of their stay, Gulnara’s nine-year-old daughter jumped into the pool but could only stay in the water for ten minutes before coming out shivering. The other children also tried to get in the pool, but the water was “freezing.” For Gulnara and her friend, it was too cold. They tried with their hands, but there was no way they could go in that pool; it was freezing. It was important for the kids, especially as it wasn’t summer months. The sea was cold, and her kids like warm water, so it’s essential for them.

Broken Promises

Gulnara contacted the owner, who promised to send someone to fix it the next day. However, the engineer only turned up on the third day of their stay. By this time, Gulnara and her friend decided enough was enough and booked into another hotel, which cost them an extra £680. She thought, “oh my god, what is the point of staying here? We’d paid over a thousand pounds and couldn’t use what was advertised.” The owner was uncooperative and wasn’t apologizing. He was telling them to leave and not apologizing.

Nightmare Holiday

Gulnara said that they were looking forward to relaxing, having fun, and feeling safe. Even when they changed hotels, the kids were fine, but she was stressed out. She feels sad and frustrated and scared now to rent a villa again. It’s been a nightmare. She understands things can break, but they were only there for seven days and wanted to enjoy the pool.

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