Crack-Pot “Cures” For COVID-19 Flood The Web – Have You Ever Heard Of “Ozone Therapy”?

- Ozone therapy involves inhaling ozone gas
- Authorities claim the company is preying on public fear

Ozone is "a primary constituent of urban smog". - Photo by 云中君 under CC BY 2.5
Ozone is "a primary constituent of urban smog". - Photo by 云中君 under CC BY 2.5

Have you ever heard of “ozone therapy”? It’s the strange procedure that’s sold in Texas to “cure” COVID-19.

According to CBS News, the ad by Purity Health and Wellness Centers, a company in Texas, read like this : “The CORONA VIRUS is here in the USA. The only prevention is ozone. #coronavirus #ozonetherapy.” Another read,  “Corona Virus update: ozone eradicates lethal viruses and bacteria. #coronavirus #ozonetherapy.”

CBS News adds : “In a recorded phone call earlier this month, Jean Allen, the owner of Purity Health, told a prospective customer that there was a COVID-19- positive patient in the facility for treatment. When asked how Defendants would stop the transmission of the virus given that patient’s positive diagnosis, Defendants offered as the only protective measure the purported fact that ozone would sanitize everything,” court documents say.”

Ozone therapy involves inhaling ozone gas, still according to CBS News.

Ozone “is a harmful air pollutant and a primary constituent of urban smog” and can cause serious lung disease.

“This defendant preyed on public fear, peddling bogus treatments that had absolutely no effect against COVID-19”

– U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox, as quoted by CBS News

A federal judge granted a permanent injunction against the company on April 24.