Vegan Activists Demand That A Restaurant Stop Serving Dead Fish In Front Of Live Fish

- PETA claims fish is unsettled by looking at people eating fish
- The restaurant manager tought it was an April Fools' joke

Live Fish Feel Bad For Dead Fish Claims PETA
Live Fish Feel Bad For Dead Fish Claims PETA

PETA wants a fish restaurant to stop serving customers fish in front of live fish. According to the “animal rights” activists, fish get disturbed when they watch people eat fish.

That’s according to 3AW. The restaurant is located in the Cairns aquarium, in Australia. 

Dundee’s restaurant manager, Jacob Low said he thought it was an April Fools’ prank when PETA contacted him, alleging it’s “unnerving” for fish to watch other fish get eaten.

“You can’t sit next to a pot plant if you’re going to eat a salad?”, said, ironically, the restaurant manager to 2GB.

The activists urge the restaurant to look for “vegan fish alternatives”, according to the article.