Two Men Fired After Mocking George Floyd’s Death In Viral Video

- They were filmed by Black Lives Matter protestors passing by them
- Both got fired from their jobs

Two White Men Sacked After Mocking The George Floyd’s Death In A Viral Video
The U.S. Men Mocking George Floyd's Death During Black Lives Matter Protest. Photo: YouTube

Two employees were fired from their jobs after being seen in a viral video which shows both men imitating and mocking the murder of George Floyd as a form of counterprotest next to a demonstration against racial inequality.

To mock the manner in which George Floyd died, one man was kneeling on the neck of the other man. They re-enacted this offensive imitation during the Black Lives Matter protest, according to this article in Newsweek. 

After being seen in the viral video, one of them who is a FedEx worker has been fired from his job. The other man works at the Department of Corrections and has been suspended, according to the news published in Complex.