A Viral Video Of A ‘Panda’ On A Leash Sparks Outrage But The Truth Left People In Shock

- The video went viral in China
- Social media users were outraged

A Viral Video Of 'Panda' Taken For A Walk Sparks Outrage But Truth Left People In Shock
Man dyed his dog as panda. Photo: YouTube

A video that went viral shows a panda walking across a busy road in the a city center. Many social media users were outraged by the footage.

The video shows a woman walking down the street along with a black and white animal that resembles a panda on a leash. A passenger in a car recorded this bizarre moment, according to the article published in the Mirror.

It turns out that this isn’t a panda.

It’s owner, named Yang Yan, said he dyed his chow chow – who already resembled a panda – to make it look exactly like the beloved animal. The owner used “natural coloring”, says the same article.