A Man Who Murdered His Daughter In Public Is Released Because His Own Family “Forgave” Him

- The father committed a honor killing in front of dozens of people in a court corridor
- The man, accused of murder, was allowed to walk free
- The judge stated that doing so was for the "betterment of society"
- The families involved stated in their letter to the judge that they were not bribed

Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan

On January 23, Ameer Jan shot his own daughter Hajrah in public on the premises of the City Courts in Karachi, Pakistan, while she was being escorted between rooms. The man killed her for marrying off her own free will, also known as a honor killing. As reported by AAJ News, he also caused firearm injuries to Head Constable Imran Zaman, who was escorting the victim, as well as a third person.

However on Tuesday May 30, Ameer Jan was released from prison. According to court documents, “all parties involved” signed aa document stating that they forgave the man “in the name of Allah”. The judge simply acquitted the man who was accused of murder.

Hajrah had married off her own will while her parents were trying to marry her off to someone else. She had been called to court to testify in a case filed for her disappearance when her father opened fire and killed her on the spot. Her husband was not hurt in the incident.

The legal heirs and the two persons injured in the attack said that they had reached an out-of-court settlement with the accused and had forgiven him “in the name of Allah”, pleading with the judge to acquit him of all charges. All the heirs stated in their affidavits that they had “pardoned the accused in the name of Almighty Allah without any pressure and compensation” and would have no objection to the accused’s acquittal by the court.

According to Geo.TV, the judge stated in his decision: “The parties seem to have patched up their grievances outside the Court and compounding of offence would drive good senses between them and same in the betterment of society as well,” he observed, adding, “The complainant (HC Zaman), another injured and legal heirs of the deceased named above have no objection if accused, Ameer Jan, is acquitted of the charge on account of compromise.”

The incident had raised questions about the level of security arranged for the court, which is packed full of people during work hours. The security incharge for the gate where the incident took place had been suspended and an inquiry had been ordered.

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