Thai Man Stole 126 Flip-Flops To Have Sex With

-A foot fetishist stole footwear to have sex with
-He was arrested after locals complained

Thailand Man Stole 126 Flip-Flops To Have Sex With Them
A pervert Thai man stole flip flops to have sex with them. Photo: YouTube

A Thai man was arrested for allegedly stealing flip-flops in order to have sex with them.

Theerapat Klaiya, 24, has a strange obsession with shoes. He has stolen 126 pairs from the locals, according to this article.

Officers identified Klaiya from CCTV footage recording outside the neighbor’s property, says the article.

Klaiya allegedly told officers that he would wear flip-flops around his home as it ‘turns him on.’ He also said that he would cuddle the footwear and kiss & rub them in his body, says the same article.

“After we arrested the suspect, we also found out that he had already been arrested last year for stealing flip-flops in another district, said Major Colonel Ekkaphop Prasitwattanachai.

“The suspect admitted stealing the sandals for lewd purposes. Until his next court appearance, he will be held at the station whereupon prosecutors will decide on the next part of the legal process for him,” he added.