Deadly Race Riots Engulf America In Flames

- Violent protests have now reached every major American city
- The military is being deployed

Riots have spread to every major American city. - Photo Youtube/WCCO
Riots have spread to every major American city. - Photo Youtube/WCCO

Thursday and Friday saw race riots in all major American cities.

Minneapolis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Portland OR, St. Louis MO, Washington DC and New York City and Chicago were all the scene of intense violence between police forces and angry protesters.

The riots in Minneapolis have already killed 2 people.

Most of the violence started earlier this week in Minneapolis. The killing of a Black man by a policeman in a disturbing videotaped arrest is behind the unrest. The policeman had a long, documented history of violence. He was fired, then arrested and charged with “third degree murder”. Legal experts doubt he will be convicted.

The riots in Louisville, KY have, however, a different tone. They follow “theĀ shooting death of Breonna Taylor, an EMT who was killed after officers forced their way inside her home” according to CNN. On Thursday, 7 people were shot after gunfire erupted during the riot.

Various governments announced on Saturday that some of the military will be deployed in the streets of some American cities to stop the riots. This includes Minneapolis, Washington DC, Portland OR and Atlanta. Furthermore, the Pentagon is considering sending the army to Minneapolis.