Chinese State Media Claims Coronavirus Escaped From Maryland Military Base

Wuhan, in China.
Wuhan, in China.

Official Chinese newspapers have published op-eds filled with rhetorical questions that seem to accuse the U.S. of having created COVID-19 at Fort Detrick. Chinese officials have also blamed the U.S. army for the initial outbreak in Wuhan, again without evidence.

Two government-run newspapers published op-eds attacking the U.S.’s response to the pandemic, according to Newsweek.

Still according to Newsweek, One of them, published in China Daily, asks the following rethorical questions: “What are the circumstances surrounding its shutting down of the army biological warfare lab at Fort Detrick in Maryland last year? Was the laboratory conducting research on coronaviruses? Was there a leak?”

Newsweek adds that The People’s Daily newspaper—the official publication of the CCP—used the same tactics in its Tuesday op-ed. “Why was the main biological warfare laboratory at Fort Detrick, which the U.S. media called ‘the center of the U.S. government’s darkest experiments,’ suddenly shut down? What kind of shady tricks took place there? How much more truth has been concealed by U.S. politicians?” is part of the op-ed as quoted by Newsweek.

The publication did not provide any evidence connecting the Fort Detrick to the pandemic, says the same article.

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